Модификация двигателя Scirocco
Может кто переведёт?

Для тех кому не хватает мощности двигателя в Scirocco ниже описываются варианты тюнинга двигателей. Информация взята из американского VW & Porsche Magazine, и по-этому двигатели в основном из американской комплектации Scirocco. Но кроме буквенного кода они мало чем отличаются от европейских аналогов.

Engine Code FN EE EH EJ EN JH PL Engine Code
Production Years 1976 76-77 78 79-80 81-83 84-89 86-89 Production Years
Sock bore 79.5 mm 79.5 mm 79.5 mm 79.5 mm 79.5 mm 81 mm 81 mm Sock bore
Stock stroke 80 mm 80 mm 73.4 mm 80 mm 86.4 mm 86.4 mm 86.4 mm Stock stroke
Displacement 1588 cc 1.6 L 1588 cc 1.6 L 1457 cc 1.5 L 1588 cc 1.6 L 1716 cc 1.7 L 1781 cc 1.8L 1781 cc 1.8L Displacement
Compression ratio 8.2 :1 8.2 :1 8.0 : 1 8.0 : 1 8.2 : 1 8.5 : 1 10 : 1 Compression ratio
Stock HP 71 78 71 78 74 90 123 Stock HP
Induction System Carbureted CIS Injection CIS Injection CIS Injection CIS Lambda Injection CIS Lambda Injection KE Jetronic Injection Induction System
Cylinder Head 8V 8V 8V 8V 8V 8V Big Valve 16V Cylinder Head
Ignition Conventional Conventional Conventional Conventional Electronic Electronic Knock Sensor Ignition
Stage 1 Stage 1 modifications are simple bolt ons, mild street performance with good drivability and a moderate performance increase. Stage 1
Ignition Upgrade to electronic ignition, either factory or aftermarket. Use recurved distributor (stock compression only), and / or bumped up ignition timing. 34 deg total adv. 3 deg BTDC for best results. Recurved distributor and / or bumped ignition timing No mods Ignition
Exhaust An important mod. To augment torque, use stock manifold (except JH) and Techtonics downpipe or Euro downpipe. Replace stock exhaust with sport exhaust system like Gillet, Supersprint, Techtonics or Leistriz. Use Techtonics Cat downpipe to stay legal. Always change your exhaust system before going to a cam or big valve head. It's the most important first step. Euro downpipe or Stock catalytic downpipe. Tuned exhaust system like Techtonics, Supersprint, Gillet or Leistriz - keep your converter to stay legal. Exhaust
Camshafts Dual carbs allow a "hotter" cam than injection Factory "G" or "N" cam. Use only cams ground on OEM billits Euro intake cam for mild street performance Camshafts
Induction Change to a more performance oriented carb, either a two-V or dual sidedraft. Remove restrictor on Throttle body or switch to large bore throttle boby (see right) Switch to large bore throttle body. Bigger gain port matching with manifold. Lambda models except JH change to larger diameter air senseor plate No mods req'd Induction
Stage 2 Stage 2 Mods build on Stage 1. Performance is perkier, some reduction in drivability, improved high-end Stage 2
Exhausts Mods as per stage 1, but using a tri-y header like Supersprint in place of the factory manifold / downpipe. Exhausts
Camshafts Same cams as stage 1 Camshafts
Big Valve Head May be modified or use modified GTi head with inj. plugs Not recommended due to poor torque May be modified or use modified GTi. May convert to hydraulic as well. May be modified or use modified GTi head - porting helps. May convert to hydraulic as well. Has big valves. Use porting if desired. 16V head needs no improvement in valve size, responds to porting and larger 50 mm intake manifolr. Big Valve Head
Stage 3 Stage 3 mods build on stage 2 and involve modifying the motor. More displacement and compression mean better drivability and more power. Stage 3
Camshafts Wild cams available, check with tuner. Lifts over .430" may require clearancing Neuspeed or Schrick 272 deg. or 274 / 270 deg. High lift cams req. special valve springs. Will lose low end torque. Schrick 256 or 266 degree cams (with some loss of low end torque) Camshafts
Induction All Stage 3 carb cars should have dual sidedrafts like Mikunis or Webers. Turbocharger / supercharger. (Best results with intercooler) Consult Techtonics, Ron's Parts or New Dimensions. Induction
Pistons and Crank Overbore to 82.5 mm possible - larger bore sizes may cause over heating and head gasket problems. Cranks up to 92.5 possible. Overbore to 82.5 mm possible - larger bore sizes may cause over heating and head gasket problems. Cranks up to 94.5 possible, yielding 2045 cc displacement - upping the compression ratio. 8V models requires knock sensor ignition. May require block clearancing depending on the crankshaft Pistons and Crank
Engine Swaps Any injected engine can be converted to carbs. - to swap to injection; BIG job. Any engine possible - 8v or 16V high compression engines req knock sensor. 16V engines req. full wiring harness. Upgrade to 2.0L 16V Have seen full Motorinic swap. Engine Swaps

Сирокко - знойный, южный или юго-восточный ветер в Южной Европе, дующий из пустынь Северной Африки и Аравийского полуострова и приносящий большое количество пыли и песка.